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08/26/15 11:34 AM #30    

Bob Kearns

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and compliments to the Reunion Committee for presenting such an incredible night. Loved re-meeting and talking to my new/old friends. I had lots of laughs and some spirit-filled moments, which shall last me the rest of my natural life. Regarding the appetizers, which I thought were well done for a catered event, my best friend/brother Larry Guilliatt put it this way, "I didn't go there for the food, I went for the company." Amen, Brother!

To my friend, Tom Carey: I love you, Man, but there is an old life axiom that I thought even sharp retired pilots knew and should follow (can be applied to nose-dives): When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. I hope you will reconsider your closing of the door on people who meant a lot to you at one time. I am certain they will forgive your mental lapse; after all, we too have had a few senior moments.

wink Bob

08/26/15 12:55 PM #31    

Larry Guilliatt

What a wonderful event. Reconnecting with old classmates was just the best. Hats off to all those involved

in putting together this great event. Why just the quality website was worth the cost of admission. Unlike

Tom I did not attend for the food.

Thanks again to all!

Larry  Guilliatt


08/26/15 10:37 PM #32    

Kathy Stewart (Pike)

I am so sorry that I had to miss this reunion, Sometimes life just gets in the way. It sounds like it was a huge success.


08/26/15 11:54 PM #33    

Sam Cheyne

That certainly explains why I couldn't find you.    How are the fires where you are?

The reunion was so well planned and really organized.     I cannot imagine all of the work that everyone went through, but the did asuperb job.   I am trying to get a rumor going to have a 55th reunion....It would be fun to charter a boat like we did for our senior cruise.  

Hope you all are safe, and so sorry you didn't get to come over.     Especially since it was National Senior Citizens day to boot.  I was able to find a lot of people (besides their name tag and picture, just by their smile.   

Sam Cheyne




08/27/15 11:04 AM #34    


Greg Fuller (Fuller)

To each member of the 50th Reunion committee, take a bow. Here's a big ol' virtual standing ovation from me, and from what I saw, everyone I visited with Friday night. Job well done! Best 50th Reunion ever. Can't thank you enough for bringing our far flung selves together for a remarkable evening we will never forget. Sincerely, Greg

08/27/15 06:56 PM #35    

Nellie Borer (Gordon)

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful reunion.  Getting acquainted with old friends was more important than the food quality.  It is still hard to believe it has been 50 years, but hey...   Does anyone remember putting mementos in the "Pirates Chest" (time capsule)?  If so, has it been opened? or ??  Had a great time meeting everyone but sorry I missed some.  Looking forward to the next Reunion smiley

Nell Gordon (Borer)

08/29/15 02:59 PM #36    

Joan Blaskowsky (Weimer)

I also wanted to extend my thanks to the entire Reunion Committee for all your hard work to ensure that our class of 1965 had a fabulous 50th reunion. You all did a amazing job!!!!  The venue was so special and to reconnect with classmates was so much fun.  Julie, you did a wonderful job of heading up the committee:) Thank-you, thank-you!!!!

Joan (Blaskowky) Weimer

09/05/15 06:14 PM #37    

Cecil Burns, Jr.

My little contribution.

09/06/15 08:01 PM #38    

Joe Blow

I have to apologize for 'airing' my complaints on food and music at this site for HHS 50th reunion. The reunion was truly great overall and most did not have the same considerations. I should have kept it to myself and weighed out the overall experience. The reunion was a great effort by all of committee members and fully appreciated.

09/06/15 11:51 PM #39    

Nancy Hannon (Jorgensen)

Tom -- always remember I am a classmate who wil never be anxious to crucify another classmate and you need to continue to attend  and maybe next time you will volunteer to help and we can laugh together as we work! Cheerful help is always important for a great outcome! I know I truely  enjoyed the process and especially the visiting with everyone!  Nancy H J


09/07/15 10:43 AM #40    

Claudia Diefendorf (Kirk)

Don't worry about it Tom, I hope to see you at the next reunion :)

09/09/15 01:41 PM #41    

Connie MacDellar (Bailey)

Cecil Burns, what was on the video?  I was unable to connect to that link.

09/10/15 11:45 AM #42    

Christine McMurdo (McMurdo-Wallis)

Me too, Cecil !

09/10/15 12:49 PM #43    

Cecil Burns, Jr.

or go to youtube and search Patsy Cline lip sync

09/11/15 11:18 AM #44    

Connie MacDellar (Bailey)

Cecil, thanks!  This was really cute!!!

09/30/15 04:38 PM #45    

Mollie Ridge (Williams)

Take a look at what's going on at Highline.  I wouldn't want my kinds going there.

10/01/15 11:27 AM #46    

Lynn Martinsen

I saw that on the news yesterday.  It is really sad that they have let the school get to this point.  I too, would not want my children going there.   So sad. 

10/01/15 12:20 PM #47    

Phyllis Booth (Schneider)

Very sad... I wish they could keep the facade--but overhaul the interior again. 

10/01/15 12:44 PM #48    

Sally Coffman (Linebarger)

This is sad.  I hope they can build new but keep the older, stately brick look of the front.  Auburn High School was built new from the ground up, opening fall of 2014.  It was of the same vintage as Highline.  They did a beautiful job of keeping that look in a new building.  I hope the community gets behind the need...

12/30/15 10:19 PM #49    

Nancy Hannon (Jorgensen)

Do you have inf on Sandy Panasuk Kline?  From Nsncy Hannon Jorgensen

06/26/18 02:55 PM #50    

Gary Decoteau

It seems we are quickly losing our fellow classmates.  Last week I visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall before attending the Annual Reunion of the 1st Cavalry Division. I served with this Division in Vietnam and while at the wall I remembered our fellow classmates whose names are written on the wall and those who served and still carry memories of the war with them daily.  Like our fellow classmates we continue to lose many veterans every year.  I just want to say that I am proud to have been part of the class of "65" at HHS.  May God bless you all and your families.

02/06/20 09:46 AM #51    

Norma Rogers (Douthit)

Hey Sam - I talked to Bea about ten days ago.  She is fine.  Not close to the fires.  Has had some smoke.


07/17/20 06:11 PM #52    

Sam Cheyne


I am posting this as a "thought about our classmates." 

A personal thought and a thank  you for The Nancy Hannon Jorgenson's Memorials . at our reunion. For some  our class size is droppiing....The carona virus; sicknress, etc.     My thought is/was that we all have known each other and attended not only high school   junior high and elementary school as well.  We developed friendships that are always going to be a memory of a life time, even though we are in separate parts of the U.S. and world.

With that said, (and from a persoal experience a number of times on my part), we don't always get the chance to communicate in some manner to tell the people we know,  to see how they are.    We had a monsterous size class and I would encourage you to "reconnect" with people we know and appreciated in school as well as other people in our lives.  Don't wait until you think..."I will see them at a reunion or luncheon.    

We have had some outstanding people who have excelled and moved into some fantastic professions.   I believe we all have had some great careers, no matter what we all have accomplished.    Keep your profiles up-to-date and perhaps and communicate with those whom we think of  but not remembered.    It only takes a few minutes to jot a note on our web pages, email or call them, to let them know you were thinking of them, and maybe write some special event or craziness you have had with them.   Yes, even the silly things we did at "LOU's drive in.      Sometimes this little bit of time can make them feel like they have not been forgotten.   

Take care class of 65.   We saw a lot of history during our years at high school...the earthquake; JFK assassination, and even the SENIOR CRUISE.    Thanks for letting me bring SUE on the cruise as I knew I was heading to Viet Nam.   By the way, Sue forgot my name when I was in Viet Nam, she wrote me a "DEAR JOHN."

God Bless you all.



12/22/20 01:10 AM #53    

Larry MacKinnon

Well I tried Julie,

Larry MacKinnon



Lord & Master

Maniac Mansion

Don't have much to say, except it would appear our Class is Fading Away each Day.

To Bob Kerns You mentioned Ginger LaBrie. 

 That sparked a time when You & Ginger were at Christie Soderquist's House.

We were Having a good time. and what sticks out in my memory is You Titchling Ginger until you had her Gigling on the Living Room Rug

I have read Many of your Letter's about some of our other Cassmate's.

I could go back and reply to them now that we don't have too many opportunities to go outside.

Unless you live like a Hermit on a half acre of High Bank Water Front in Mukiteo in a house built in 1935. 

Just a little bit older than most of us.

Perhaps The Germ Thing can be an insentive for those of You who have the Time to spend a few hour's togther at a place where there are Friendly Masked 0ld HHS Friend's.

Put My email addres's in below.

Have a few thing's about Myself on this site some where.

Being a Functioning Hermit I admit to reading more of the things on these pages,

Than adding to them.

Thank You Julie for getting Me to engage a Little bit.

Looking at the photo's in the Anual next to Me it would be nice get together with those of You who can still remember You own Name.

Mad Mac is easy to remember. I also have come up with an easy way to use when I Can't  Remember My own Name. I'm going with Fred. You know, The Guy down the street with the Chubby Sister...

Go ahead and Look at My place in these Memory Website. 

Left My email address's Below.

Give Me a few Gigabite's of Your time if The Spirit's move You.


got lost after my 1st line after looking for something that would not let me to come back without

starting all over.


02/04/23 01:26 AM #54    

Nancy Hannon (Jorgensen)

Thank you Sam Cheyne for your kind words about the memorial board I presented at the 50 year reunion !  It was my pleasure to work on it and certainly brought sincere feelings about the classmates that have passed away !  Certainly it is a part of life but to take time to honor and remember each of them which is very important and special !  Hope  you both  are well and actively enjoying a busy and great Life!  Nancy Hannon Jorgensen

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